Strengthen our community together.

My goal is to help facilitate positive change in our community.


To grow a community, it takes a community.

We can strengthen our community's voice by promoting frequent transparent communication and increasing participation. We can grow our community by focusing on the needs of our neighbors.

Make informed decisions

Provide sufficient notice to residences on recommendations with proper due-diligence to make informed decisions for our community.

Listen to the needs of the community

Listen to community's needs and make recommendations to city officials that solves community issues.

Develop stronger ecosystem

Leverage partnerships between local businesses, residents, and local officials to build a stronger neighborhood ecosystem.

Community Experience

I have worked with our neighborhoods, county, city, and federal government. I have learned that it takes the team work of everyone (e.g., residents, volunteers, partnerships, businesses, and government officials) to create a thriving community.


Suggested Goals

Great progress starts with goal setting. We will work with neighbors to begin developing strong goals for the community. Here are suggested goals:

  • Work on zoning, land use, and businesses within neghborhoods and along beltline that creates a healthy community.
  • Increase engagement rate of the community to 1-2 %.
  • Enhance relationships between surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Develop more streamline communications to/from the people.
  • Find ways to mold and change the narrative or the way people perceive NPU-Y outside of community.

If elected, how will you engage interested residents in the NPU?

We recommend a plan called "AARR" to focus on the following:

  • Awareness - Educate our neighbors of what is NPU-Y and why it is important. Send frequent messages to social outlets and yard signs.
  • Attendance - Boost attendance so that all voices are heard.
  • Retention - Provide a sense of good culture and family at the meetings.
  • Referral - Produce strong neighborhoods by asking neighbors to refer other neighbors.

Suggested Action Items

We are asking the community for suggestions to improve our neighborhoods. Here is some of the suggested action items for the next year.


Food at Monthly meetings

One of the best ways to attract neighbors is to break bread with them. It was suggested that food may promote growth.


Child Care at Monthly Meetings

Many families can not attend monthly meetings because they do not have child care. Some neighbors suggested child care services to support families.


Community Incentives

Some committees in our community are left unfullfilled. It was suggested to provide incentives such as gift cards, awards, and small stipends (if legal of course).


Video Record and Live Stream NPU-Y monthly meetings

If community members can not attend meetings, a neighbor suggested live stream or video recording meetings on NPU-Y.


Renovated Website

Focus the website's branding to focus on NPU-Y's community.


Centralized Calendar

Create a public calendar to keep constiuents up-to-date on events.


Email Notification System

Streamline communications and restart an email newsletter system.


More Community-Focused Events

Develop more community-focused events to enhance the community.

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I am a mentor, a tech entreprenuer, a world traveler, a loving husband, a committed family man, and a man of God.


I am a skilled mentor...

I teach tech skills such as coding and tech entreprenuership to highly-motivated people in our community. This initiative helps increase the technical skills and job employment of underserved communities.

  • Mobile and Web App Design
  • Website Development
  • Mobile App Development

I am a loving neighbor...

When my wife and I visited our home for the first time, we felt the support and love of our neighbors. My goal is to produce or maintain a loving, safe, economically thriving, and united place for all our neighborhoods.


I am a tech entreprenuer...

In addition to community service, I have a passion for building innovative software that impacts the community.


I am a loving husband...

The foundation of every strong city is a strong neighborhood. The foundation of every strong neighborhood is a strong family. The foundation in every strong family is love. I love my city, neighborhood, and family. I especially love my wife.

I am a world traveler...

Visiting communities around the globe gives me a new perspective of our community. I quickly learned in the townships of South Africa that skyscrapers, schoolhouses, and governments does not grow communities. Motivated people do.


I am an identical twin...

I have an identical twin brother named Travis Nunnally and two older sisters (they are not twins). He is cool, calm, and collective just like me.